This is primarily a service we provide for US or Caribbean based resellers.  By offering this value added service it allows partners, resellers the ability to offer something in addition to just a bid or quote.

ICOR International Systems is able to help you with your project on any scale large or small.  If you are either limited in capabilities or simply understaffed, we can assemble a team of qualified engineers and technicians to complete your project so that you can move on to the next one.  No design available? We can provide the certified systems design in AutoCAD for you, everything from the signal flow to rack elevations we have you covered. We remain transparent allowing you to run the project and billing.  We also offer post-installation service agreements so that you can offer your clients some assurance.

Naturally you would want to qualify our capabilities.  By scheduling a phone conference we can discuss some of the many projects we have designed and integrated for resellers from professional sports stadiums and arenas to federal government facilities and everything in between.

Contact us today to discuss your opportunity.  NDA and confidentiality agreements available.


305 507 9993

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