Most manufacturers handle larger opportunities direct for various reasons usually to help promote the brand in a particular region and we understand this. This would be Stadiums and Arenas, Airports, Hotels and other projects that are sizable to create exposure for the brand in question but ultimately the systems must be designed as well as installed properly.

We identified over a decade ago during the transition from Standard Definition to HD. Many manufacturers were hiring independent design consultants who would sell whats referred to as a cookie-cutter design only to find out upon proceeding that there were aspects of the design that did not work causing conflicts between the manufacturer and client. This causes not only project delays but also increases the costs due to change orders which is highly unacceptable in todays market.

ICOR International Systems has a very successful history working for a few manufacturers providing design packages as well as installation services for verticals such as Professional Sports Arenas and Stadiums, Airports and Mass Transit, University Classrooms and Lecture halls, Hotels and Convention Centers.  If you are a manufacturer needing qualified assistance to approach or complete any sized project please contact us to discuss how we have worked with manufacturers today as well as in the past to guarantee the project is a success.  Please scroll down to fill out the suggested reply form and one of our representatives will be happy to get back to you rather soon.

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Line Array System Installed on behalf of another authorized Reseller/Distributor per factory certified specifications.

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