LED Display and Electronic signs have flooded the market through the past several years. As a result, they are being assembled cheaper than ever where they may work ok in a controlled environment but in the tropical climates near the ocean and southern USA they become very problematic. If perhaps your organization has purchased one of these displays prone to fail, consider hiring us to repair and do a full site survey to proactively stop the failures.  This could be something as simple as sealing a seam allowing water to get into the electronics.

Icor has been installing and servicing LED displays since 2007 for most brands in the industry.  From Digital Signage to Sports Scoreboards we keep parts in stock so that we can provide the quickest and most efficient repairs in the industry.  Servicing NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, FIFA, USL, Local and State run Universities as well.



We are now providing free estimates within the South Florida territory. This is because most often we will be in your area, please contact us to schedule a site visit. We maintain parts in inventory of most LED displays on the market.

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