Government/Corporate Procurement

In 1997 WECA INC DBA ICOR INTERNATIONAL was issued a procurement contract with Miami Dade County to procure items as needed for the municipality. We quickly realized that most municipalities need a number of items throughout the year and it would exhaust their resources asking 1 time suppliers to fill out vendor applications, IRS tax forms, Letters of incorporation, Occupational licenses and more.  By working as a procurement agency we are able to rapidly procure items and prepay immediately and either hand deliver or schedule delivery with tracking as a value added service. Our ERP system is state of the art to give our clients and vendors a web portal to login and check status, pay bills, reprint all documentation at their leisure.

Today WECA DBA ICOR services not only municipalities, but several vertical markets such as property commercial managers, hospitals and medical offices, B2B businesses and more.   If your organization needs help with speeding up your procurement process at the right price if not better, please reach out to one of our agents today to discuss signing up.

The process of procuring supplies for your agency is handled in an organized and controlled manner, at minimum cost.  Our Procurement Management System (ERP) is the solution is the key. Our goal is to help customers reduce costs and time associated by fragmentation of activities and misinformation within the ordering process itself.


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