Common Frequently Asked Questions

With Icor's vast experience handling everything from Luxury Residential, Hospitality, Professional Sports Stadiums and Arenas, as well as University Campuses, there are often many questions which we would like to address here. .
If perhaps you have additional questions, please feel free to contact one of our project engineers today
1Does Icor International Service Existing Systems and Technology.
Yes! In short, Icor International has built the company on referral only business primarily by providing what is called "Take Overs" It is not uncommon for projects to be awarded to other resellers or integrators who either leave the project incomplete or lack the ability to respond to after sales support. With no obligation, one of our systems engineers will review your existing systems and write up a report what is necessary to repair, finish or maintain any systems on property.
2Does Icor offer industry discounts?
Icor International Systems takes pride in representing their manufacturers. In order to provide you the very best service, warranty and support in addition to best price, we maintain a very tight relationship with our manufacturers. Icor prefers direct purchases from the manufacturer rather than procuring from random distributors which seems to be where the market is going.Once a manufacturer bumps their resellers off to a distributor is the first sign of laziness. As a result, we work closely with the manufacturers to take advantage of seasonal and trade discounts which include pricing programs for Education & Government traditionally NOT available to general resellers who procure from random distributors. In short, Any vertical market where there are 3 or more transactions before the merchandise arrives to the end client has to effect the landed price.
3Does Icor work After Hours.
Yes! Icor International specializes in retrofits and upgrades. We realize you have your regular daily schedules. Icor International staff work with you or your organization so that all work is performed seamlessly without any disturbances the best we can. If perhaps we need to conduct retrofits, service or upgrades after midnight, we are ready to start. Before your staff come in that following morning, all work areas are prepared and cleaned so that you can start your day without distraction.
4What vertical market does ICOR International specialize in?
Most technology integration companies specialize in one vertical or another. For example, two authorized representatives of a particular manufacturer never cross paths because while one specializes in residential, the other may specialize in commercial. Then narrow down commercial applications where one may focus on hospitality solutions, the other may focus on stadiums and arenas, where another may focus on University campuses. Icor International Systems was founded by several engineers who all worked for other companies who had strengths in their vertical market. By us all coming together, we assemble our experience in order to fulfill the needs for most of the vertical markets that need cutting edge technology. As a result, ICOR has a track record of providing integrated solutions to Stadiums, Arenas, University Campuses, K12, Airports, Luxury Shoppes, Duty Free, Luxury Hospitality and Residential not to mention government agencies both federal and local. Most often we provide design and engineering services for resellers and or consultants so that they are able to submit properly engineered designs in the proper formats such as AutoCAD. Once projects are awarded, the ICOR team come in and provide a total turn key solution on time and on schedule.
5What is the territory that ICOR International covers?
Ironically, most of our business is referral. Someone visits a house, a yacht, a sports complex, University or luxury home and inadvertently calls us up asking if we can travel to their location to provide a similar solution. As a result, Icor International has no specific territory. We provide services globally. From luxury residential and hospitality solutions on islands in the British Virgin Islands, to US Government Conciliates in Brazil. Our engineers are always booking flights to travel to the furthest locations to meet with prospects who have been referred to our organization sometimes by the actual manufacturer.

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